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Habla Team Visits Worcester, South Africa

On the 7th September 2015, the Habla Team commenced a week long work shop in Worcester, South Africa. HZZKI met with the team from Worcester Bakstene brick company and members of Swisscontact and their Energy Efficient Clay Brick Project (EECB). 

The weeks workshop marked the commencemnet of the Habla Zig-Zag Kiln, Construction, Demonstration and Reinstatement Project, South Africa (HZZK-CDR-SA).  

The Habla team worked alongside Worcester Baktene, reviewing design, discussing procuremnt strategy and construction methodology. 

Along with a busy week of work, Nico Marais (managing director, Worcester Bakstene Pty Ltd) and his wife Simoné hosted the pre prjoect launch cocktail party with 120 attendees. In attendance there were numerous representatives from the clay brick industry, service providers, the president of the Clay Brick Association, Julian de la Hunt, Swisscontact project manger, John Volsteedt, the full Habla and Worcester Bakstene teams and the Mayor of Worcseter please click here...


(Below: L -> R: Gilbert Habla, the mayor Mrs Antoinette Steyn, Mrs Janie Habla, Nico Marais of Worcester Bricks, Peter Habla and Simone Marais of Worcester Bricks)


(Below: Peter Habla, HZZKI Managing Director)



(Below: Nico Marais, Worcester Bakstene Brick Company, Managing Director)