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Colombians impressed by Innovative SA Brick Makers

The mission began in Port Elizabeth and ended in Pretoria, where the Colombian delegation was able to visit Algoa Brick, Rheebok Brick, Worcester Brick (Habla Zig-Zag Kiln), Apollo Brick and Rosema Brick.  

Nepal License Approval

The Nepalese governments Industrial Promotions Board grants license approval to HZZKI for the implementation of energy efficient Habla Brick Kiln Technology to Nepal.  Further reading in the Kathmandu Post click here...


Challenges & Issues in the Indian Brick Sector

"With an average consumption of 18 tonnes of coal per 100,000 bricks, the brick sector consumes about 24 million tonnes of coal per year which is about 8 % of the total coal consumption of the country (third largest consumer after power and steel sector). In addition, it also consumes several million tonnes of biomass fuels. The share of energy in total cost of brick production is 35-50 %..."

Bangladesh Air Pollution

"Brick kilns are the leading cause of air pollution in the country, while vehicular emissions have been identified as the second largest contributor..."

The Economist - Air pollution in India

"MID-AFTERNOON in Delhi, and a red blob looms in the haze. The sun barely illuminates the city. A yellow-green smog hangs low. Even indoors, fuzzy halos of dust and smoke surround lamps..."