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HZZKI - South African Visit

Habla Zig-Zag Kilns International visit South Africa, assesing the Brick Sector and market opportunities for Habla Technology. The team from HZZKI were hosted by the Swisscontact initiative, Energy Efficient Clay Bricks (EECB). 

Illegal Brick kilns threaten Bandarban forest

"Nothing can be done about these kilns as the local authorities are in favour of the owners..."

Challenges & Issues in the Indian Brick Sector

"With an average consumption of 18 tonnes of coal per 100,000 bricks, the brick sector consumes about 24 million tonnes of coal per year which is about 8 % of the total coal consumption of the country (third largest consumer after power and steel sector). In addition, it also consumes several million tonnes of biomass fuels. The share of energy in total cost of brick production is 35-50 %..."

The Himalayas: upstream but downwind

"There are around 120 brick kilns within the Kathmandu Valley, less than 800 in all of Nepal, mostly in southern Nepal, but almost 23,000 in the two neighbouring Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar alone..."   

Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone

“The Black in Black Carbon refers to the fact that these emitted particles absorb light. This absorption leads to a disturbance of the planetary radiation balance and eventually to warming.”

The International Labour Office

"The 4,000 plus fixed chimney kilns form the largest stationary source of GHG emissions in Bangladesh which is around 5.4 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Besides the air pollution, brick making industries contributes to three other serious environmental concerns: land degradation, deforestation and depletion of water resources”

Conrad Schneider

"In conclusion, policies targeting Black Carbon emissions offer a viable climate strategy that can be implemented without delay and will deliver immediate climate benefits using technology available today."

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

"Brick industries are growing rapidly in Bangladesh, India and Nepal and air pollution increases along with it."