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Habla Kiln Construction South Africa

The Habla Team commenced construction of the energy efficient Habla Zig-Zag Kiln, in South Africa's Western Cape, mid October 2015. The Habla Kilns construction is well underway and scheduled for completion early 2016.

Peter Habla (HZZKI Managing Director) has been on the ground in South Africa, managing and overseeing the implementation of the technology, in conjunction with Worcester Bakstene Brick Companies senior management team. Gilbert Habla (HZZKI Chairman) has recently joined Peter in South Africa, to assist with construction completion, initial kiln operation and monitoring.


(Below: breaking earth)


(Below: Habla Kiln sub floor works)


(Below: Habla Kiln foundation concrete pour)


(Below: Habla Kiln set out and profiles)


(Below: Habla Kiln construction)