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Breathe Uneasy

"Last year the WHO assessed 1,622 cities worldwide for PM2.5 and found India home to 13 of the 20 cities with the most polluted air."

How Nepal is trying to solve its blood brick problem

"Many brick kiln owners ensure a steady supply of cheap labour through a system of loans and debt, which ties workers to the kiln for months or years..."

Bangladesh Air Pollution

"Brick kilns are the leading cause of air pollution in the country, while vehicular emissions have been identified as the second largest contributor..."

The Economist - Bricks of clay and men of straw

"OUTSIDE a village called Mau, in Uttar Pradesh, half a dozen chimneys rise from kilns into a colourless sky. These ovens, six among the 100,000 which turn out the 200 billion bricks made each year in India, are worked by dalits—members of castes once regarded as Untouchable..."